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JAEGER AVIATION - Enhancing the Mooney Experience
Enhancing the Mooney Experience

As a former Mooney sales and service center owner, Bruce Jaeger knows very well what it takes to care for and operate a Mooney. He also knows there are challenges. His determination to help Mooney owners resulted in perfecting the Weep No More fuel tank repair business. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of Bruce and Paul Beck, today’s Weep No More owner, Mooney pilots worldwide have benefitted.

A Better Way

Just like with fuel tanks, Bruce saw a dramatic need for a simpler and better way to upgrade interiors. Sitting in a 1965 C model with side panels removed, he concluded that the Mooney is not a so-called little airplane. All it needs is a redesigned interior. He visualized how an interior can indeed complement the Mooney’s beautiful lines without compromising space. The Spatial Interior for the vintage Mooney was born and the next eight years were dedicated to obtaining the STC.

Simply - A Better Way
Mooney - Spatial Interiors
Spatial Interiors

Now fourteen years later, the install technique has been refined. Colors, and elegant fabrics have been introduced. Low costs continue to be a priority and do-it-yourself installation is a real option. Totally new plastic repair techniques are also saving original parts, dollars and time. To help even more vintage Mooney owners, materials and procedures to revitalize an interior, further reducing costs has become another option.

Jaeger Aviation offers a common-sense interior upgrade for the vintage Mooney.